Stalactite Cunt Shrine (LP 2015)

by Krotchripper




i. Trollish Killings
ii. Putrescent Pools of Piss & Bloody Chunks
iii. Rotalysis
iv. Stalactite Cunt Shrine
v. Terrorfucked
vi. March of the Philistines

Bonus Tracks
vii. The Yyzzaarrddd
viii. It Comes From the Mountains

Trolltal Groove Time: 31:03

Released by Sevared Records, Necrotic Records, & Krotchripper.

SR-307 / NECR -020


released July 31, 2015

Cover & Tray Art by Brad Moore



all rights reserved
Track Name: Trollish Killings
way back in the beginning
we just thought we were trolling
everyone and everybody
without no reasoning

and the-the-the-the-the-then
we realized ya'll niggas's false
and the-the-the-the-the-then
we took ya'lls faces off
and you wondered why we been trolls
since the mothafucking beginning, huh?


we trolls is fucking horny
there is no reasoning
take what we want, there is no worry
when you're not a human being
being a troll means having no worries
no being complacent, or being a bitch
dont be a dirty cunt, dont worry
life's not about the little shit

sustain life and feast and prey upon the weak
and utterly mind infested
we are the unholy glory
through pure malintention
we are the unholy glory
there are no societal standards
worth losing soul for following

each one must seek their own path
and never be looking backwards
upon failures and transgressions
but be seeking immortality.
Track Name: Putrescent Pools of P*ss & Bloody Chunks
Putrescent pools of piss and bloody chunks
Ingredients to a recipe debauchered
Dismembered stumps and assorted limbs bely the room
Blood stains the walls piss n cum on the floor
Masturbating onto spare chunks throbbing meat
Remainders tossed in the soup soon devoured

My cock gets harder as I stir in body parts
Licking rotting corpse meat
Drool runs out my Mouth
Aromas pierce the air like overclaws in the night
The gruel is almost ready
Throw it in fire

In the darkness they are writhing feasting on their own
Basking in pools of fermented blood and piss

Slurping, gobbling, eating, farting
Slurping, gobbling, feasting!
Slimy hot chunks of meat
Basked in a pool of piss
Intestines juicy warm and wet fall between teeth
Slurping, gobbling, eating, shitting
Slurping, gobbling, feasting!

hungry hungry hungry hungry
eat eat eat eat
hungry hungry hungry hungry
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat!
Track Name: Terrorf*cked
Faces distorted in permanent horror
The glances were glimpses of barbaric ends
Putrefactees laying there in poses
Munging on corpsemeat and grinding rearends
Gouging new wounds to fuck
All krotches were ripped
And the assholes all done
The feeling veins upon a troll's cock
An orgasmic explosion of grand trollish spunk
Thrusting faster and faster
Up until reaching antithesis of disaster
And when the dead bodies go limp
They're thrown off the cock and replaced by a scrimp
Running out of more bodies lust unfulfilled
Unless Putrid and rotten underneath of some corpses
Are unconscious living finish them off and put cock within
Ripping raw flesh can be just as fun only when it's properly done
Mincing up their cunts
Tear out new feti to make room for cum

We're coming to get you
To fistfuck and rape you
Terrorfucked bitches all over the place
Blood pouring from kunts fresh cum on their face
This all happened before they were dead
Their eyes all still open and cunts still run red
Over and over and over again
Bitches brought in and drowned in semen
Hungry for more fresh meat a deviant's choicest treat
Cock thrusting that erstwhile eating her face
Pelvic bones split in half dick sticking out full staff
Ejaculeruption in explosion cum blood and guts

Terrorfucked terrorfucked
That's what they call being errorfucked
Bitches all over the place
Their souls wishing death but in sight is no trace
Terrorfucked terrorfucked
That's what they call being terrorfucked
Track Name: March of the Philistines
weak follow weak
on a long one way path

know not
what they are
march of the philistines

walking in fine lines
shoulder to shoulder
eyes with no solace
the air becomes colder

are heard ahead
the weak remain transfixed
now they walk
amongst thousands of corpses

Gazing upon the dead
From the top of mountainside

There two trolls cast hex
Laughing at the omnicide

weak still follow weak
on the same one way path

know not
what is to come
march of the philistines

Never knowing that death is coming closer
unable to hear the screams over their own footsteps


most of them died from tachycardia on the way down
the rest snapped backs and necks on the already mangled ones
a few were left suffering, unheard due to being covered
by dead philistines.
Track Name: The Yyzzaarrrddd [Bonus Track 2012]
hours pass by and the killing is done
the yyzzarrddd continues the chant as he must
the risen gather the corpses undaunted by burden
a time taking task as the whole town was murdered
some carried torsos, and the others held stumps
most just made off with the lovely lady lumps

the yyzzaarrddd left alone in his hall begins to dance
trollbone in hand, hand deep inside his pants
as the risen arrive with bodies freshly ripped to eat
the yyzzaarrddd strokes his naughty's, relentlessly beating meat

the risen hit the floor into their state of transformation
and the trolls rushed in for the flesh that would ultimately feed them
the yyzzaarrddd blew chunks simultaneously with loads of semen
the trolls sighed as they realized the flesh now need some cleanin'
Track Name: It Comes From the Mountains [Bonus Track 2012]
i rose from the breast of the tallest of mountains
i rose from the depths of the darkest and deepest of caves
where the hall's were filled with corpses
long forgotten, fermented and aged
truncated bodies, are all that remain
the people all fled in pain,
nothing left but empty houses
must find a place to satiate the hunger again

following the lingering scent, into madness soon i'll descend
to feed my lust, my source of pride
to crunch upon the bones again, the flesh will be mine.
treading the slopes, not a living being in sight
the relentless pangs of hunger have followed me these eight nights
the scent is getting stronger as my trail grows longer
to crunch upon the bones again, the flesh will be mine.

my journey is almost complete...
finally see the glimpses of meat
hanging from the crosses, some of them still alive
i think it's finally time...
time to dine.



rip them from the crosses
throw them on the ground
tear apart their fleshy bits
and let their cries resound
for this troll has come to eat
and his feast he's found
tear apart their fleshy bits
and let their cries resound

the hunger,
now that it's gone
i question,
were these bodies left to be found?

if they were then who had left them
did they know i was to come?
did they leave them living
just for me? to have some fun?

the real question
that remains to
be answered
is when
and will
there be